Saturday, August 18, 2018
By Hayes Photography
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Toni Lynn came to me, as most of my participants did, curious about the project, but eager to help.  At first, she thought that it might be a story involving both she and her husband Dave.  You see Dave also works in the Webster Central School District.  He's the Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Human Resources, but after talking together to find out more about her, what makes her tick, her interests, she decided that focusing on her own story and that of her father as her inspiration was the best direction.  A math teacher during school time, her free time is spent caring for the family, but her outlet is running. Her father pushed her to be the best that she could be and she's taken that and soared, with her relationship with her husband and her children, her career and her running.  She's run over 13 marathons including the Boston Marathon in 2017.  It made perfect sense to invite her dad up to Webster to help her tell her story and on a perfect spring day she and her dad, ran.   

In her words:

A Letter to my dad.


You are my inspiration, my real life hero, and my biggest fan!  I couldn't have asked for a better role model growing up and throughout adulthood.  You have always been there to save the day or cheer me on.  Running has given us another common thread in the fabric of our family.  When you started running I was there to cheer you on or you would drag me through races!  As time has gone by, those roles have changed.   I know you are so incredibly proud of all that I do with my running and with my life.  I can only hope to be all of this to my own children.  

Love you,

Toni Lynn


Toni Lynn Swinson

Math Teacher

Spry Middle School


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Saturday, August 11, 2018
By Hayes Photography
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Each and every person that I met in relation to this project inspired me one way or the other.  Kim opened my eyes to the various challenges faced by educators who work with the developmentally disabled student. Her story speaks to the desire to help, always help, those in need.  That desire evolved and has turned into a passion that is very clear when you see her at work in her classroom.  She provides a calm and positive environment for students and staff which, in turn, gets positive results.

In her words:

My teaching passion started as a nursing student in my last clinical rotation. I was asked to teach a third grade class about the parts of the human eye. I was so excited and prepared a great lesson. I went home and told my husband (at the time) that I was going back to school to be a teacher. This is where my teaching adventure started. Through many discouraging situations including a divorce, being a single mom of an infant, working three to four jobs, having no health care, no pay on vacations, summer and holidays, and never giving up on my passion, I can say I am honored to teach in the Webster Central School District. I get to grow and learn from my students every day -- just as much as they grow and learn. I love going to work and have finally found my career home.


Kimberly Dobson

Special Education Teacher

Schlegel Road Elementary


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