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Thursday, January 23, 2014
By Linda Dow Hayes
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I was really pleased to get an email from one of my former high school senior portrait clients, Jordan, looking to have head shots updated so that he could audition for some summer acting programs.  Naturally, I said yes and we set a date for him to come by the studio.  It got me to thinking about his senior portrait session from 2011, how much fun it was, and how we almost got arrested.  Well, not really, but pretty close.  Shooting under the Broad St. Bridge in the city with graffitti all around was something I'd always wanted to do and Jordan was the kind of guy who was ready for anything.  Shooting his head shot today, gave me a chance to catch up on his college life (UB), how much he's ready to go back to school (long winter break) and how he'd like to be the next Willem Dafoe, ultra villian.  Knowing Jordan, having seen him perform on stage and seeing how passionate he can be about something; music, acting, whatever, I'm sure he'll do well with whatever he chooses to do.


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