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Monday, March 11, 2019
By Hayes Photography
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Next up is from my photography project, We All Have a Story, is Janet.  Janet's story is one of loss, sacrifice, hope, and love. I met her at a local coffee shop where we discussed everything from children, marriage, and relationships to losing and gaining self-esteem as well as her work as an educator.  For so many of us, we have a lot of personal stories to tell so the interview is such a key part of this process to help focus in on one particular story or concept.  To say Janet has been through the wringer is an understatement, but where she is now is a true statement of the type of person she is. Her daughters mean the world to her and the fact that she chose to be photographed in front of her home speaks to what she has earned on her own.

 In her words:

My Heart

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine

It’s been lost, broken & tangled like twine

This heart has been used

This heart has been abused

It’s been shattered when others have felt the truth didn’t matter

When a lover says one thing and does another, pieces break and like the four winds scatter

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine.

It seeks light when there’s none, holds on through storms, with a grip from none

And continues to love, and hope, even though love is done

This heart seeks to love where there has been only pain

This heart yearns for companionship amidst angst and strain

It’s been questioned and severed, been leveraged and denied

When lost and broken, this heart has even cried

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine… and yet

It loves with a strength stronger than steel

It craves the light and yearns to feel

This heart is willing to suffer again… and again

To ride the storm and endure the pain, for when…

When the once in a lifetime will finally arrive

This heart will heal and at long last shall thrive

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine

…But I give it to you




Janet Enright

Literacy Specialist

Spry Middle School

For more information about this project, please visit my other posts as well the WHEC-TV 10 news story here.

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Monday, October 01, 2018
By Hayes Photography
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Mary Beth, an art teacher at Klem South Elementary, and I met after the call went out for interested participants in my personal photography project.  She was curious to know what it was all about, and truly does believe that we all have a story.  

Originally, my photography project was to have been about the stories of individuals from the Webster Central School District. Upon meeting Mary Beth, I knew my idea needed to expand. The love of her family was her focus.  Family, is her everything.  Her story began upon meeting her wonderful husband, Dino.  They have two adorable girls, Natalie and Melina and welcomed me warmly into their home to try to figure out what Mary Beth's story might be.

Always active and involved in athletic pursuits, Mary Beth shared that there was a time she was unable to be active and enjoy interests such as skiing.  She and her husband had loved skiing together and with the girls and she really missed it.  We decided that a family portrait in the snow might be just the right image to convey that family-time togetherness.  Combining that and her love of skiing sounded perfect.  The only problem was waiting for the right weather to match everyone's schedules.  I think we got it right.

In her words:

“Snowflakes are one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together.”

Every day is a lovely adventure when gratitude leads the way.  Becoming parents completely changed us. The intoxicating love that enraptured our every cell when each of our daughters was born still takes our breath away.  In a way, we've been preparing for becoming parents our whole lives and yet each day we feel a little underprepared. Facing each day with enormous amounts of gratitude for each other, for our health, and for our adventures together makes the practice of parenting feel less vulnerable.  This life is every dream we never knew we had, and these two girls completely light up our world. When we stick together just like snowflakes, love and gratitude lead the way, and we know we can handle this parenting adventure with grace.


Mary Beth Vasalos


Klem South Elementary


To find out more about this project, please click Here and make sure to view the WHEC-TV 10 Story

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