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Monday, March 11, 2019
By Hayes Photography
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Next up is from my photography project, We All Have a Story, is Janet.  Janet's story is one of loss, sacrifice, hope, and love. I met her at a local coffee shop where we discussed everything from children, marriage, and relationships to losing and gaining self-esteem as well as her work as an educator.  For so many of us, we have a lot of personal stories to tell so the interview is such a key part of this process to help focus in on one particular story or concept.  To say Janet has been through the wringer is an understatement, but where she is now is a true statement of the type of person she is. Her daughters mean the world to her and the fact that she chose to be photographed in front of her home speaks to what she has earned on her own.

 In her words:

My Heart

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine

It’s been lost, broken & tangled like twine

This heart has been used

This heart has been abused

It’s been shattered when others have felt the truth didn’t matter

When a lover says one thing and does another, pieces break and like the four winds scatter

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine.

It seeks light when there’s none, holds on through storms, with a grip from none

And continues to love, and hope, even though love is done

This heart seeks to love where there has been only pain

This heart yearns for companionship amidst angst and strain

It’s been questioned and severed, been leveraged and denied

When lost and broken, this heart has even cried

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine… and yet

It loves with a strength stronger than steel

It craves the light and yearns to feel

This heart is willing to suffer again… and again

To ride the storm and endure the pain, for when…

When the once in a lifetime will finally arrive

This heart will heal and at long last shall thrive

It’s a fragile thing, this heart of mine

…But I give it to you




Janet Enright

Literacy Specialist

Spry Middle School

For more information about this project, please visit my other posts as well the WHEC-TV 10 news story here.

And feel free to leave a comment for Janet or me!


Wednesday, November 07, 2018
By Hayes Photography
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Christina is a special education teacher at State Road Elementary School. When I first met her in my studio, I thought she was a vibrant, positive, confident, young woman.  Little did I know that she suffers from anxiety and her desire to find out more about this project and possibly participate in it would have been cause for much stress in her life.  Not now though because Christina has gotten to a point where she has learned strategies and ways of coping that allow her to do things and go places, meet people and take on challenges that she wasn't able to before. Her excitement about the project and the desire to share her story fueled me to put much thought and effort into creating a visual that does her story justice. It took months of consideration and location scouting, but the resulting image is truly one I'm proud of on many levels.

In her words:

"Looking back on my senior year of high school, the panic attacks stand out the most. It took college and my early 20's to really get a handle on my anxiety. My greatest fault was hiding my struggles behind the stigma of mental illness. I was convinced that revealing my difficulties would deem me unstable and unreliable. I eventually realized the impact this attitude was having on my relationships. Not only was I neglecting to live a life true to my values, I wasn’t happy. When I finally sought help, I was mostly met with empathy and support. I then made a vow to do something uncomfortable every day. Little by little, I realized that 99% of what I worried about wasn’t happening. Since I’ve taken control of my happiness, I’ve rekindled compassionate connections with others and have had some pretty amazing experiences. I am now approaching my 30th year with a deeper sense of gratitude. I’ve embraced the idea that I’m always learning and consistently engage in joyful practices that nourish my soul. I have now made the conscious decision to not just keep my head above water, but to keep moving forward triumphantly."


Christina Posella


State Road Elementary


If you're interested in finding out more about this project Click here and make sure to leave Christina your thoughts.