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Monday, May 04, 2020
By Hayes Photography
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"As a student growing up in the 70s and early 80s, my definition of “athlete” was reserved for those who played team sports, were trained by coaches, competed for medals, and earned varsity letters. I played recreational softball, floor hockey, and had a short stint on the high school swim team. These activities did not make me an “athlete”. However, as an adult, my view of what an athlete is began to change as I embarked on one of my most rewarding athletic challenges. I set a goal to become an Adirondack 46er, by climbing the forty-six highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountain range.

Meeting this challenge would require climbing both trailed and trail-less peaks. When my brother agreed to take me and others up Mt. Marcy one summer, I didn’t realize I was beginning a quest that would span 25 years. It would include multiple hiking companions (both human and dog), two pairs of hiking boots, varying weather conditions, a few scary incidents that forced me to face some fears, and glorious views of the most beautiful land and waterways in the Adirondack Mountains. In August 2013, I completed my 46th peak, Mt. Allen, and officially became an ADK 46er. At a celebration dinner in Lake Placid in May of 2014, I was awarded my hiking number, #8046. No varsity letter, no medal…but a very special number. I felt a deep sense of pride, along with a forever love of the beauty and grandeur of these mountains, and I had a changed view of what an athlete is.

For me, “athlete” is synonymous with the word “active”.  I had been an athlete my whole life, because I was active and had achieved my personal goals. I’m currently working on completing the Adirondack & Catskill Mt. Fire Tower Challenge. I hope to be an athlete for the rest of my life. A heartfelt “thank you” to those who have and will support me along this journey."


Diane Huot

Literacy Specialist Teacher

Plank South Elementary

It was a wonderful experience joining Diane in the Adirondacks (along with my husband) where we camped, hiked and enjoyed Lake Placid. If you've never travelled to this area of New York, you need to. It's gorgeous!

For additional information on the Adirondack 46ers organization Click here.

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Monday, April 13, 2020
By Hayes Photography
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The year was 1975. After living in Irondequoit for the first 10 years of my life, my family moved to Webster at the start of my 5th grade year. I remember touring Plank Road North with my mom and feeling nervous the way a ten year old little girl would be going to a brand new school. I was placed in Miss Morse’s 5th grade class.  Little did I know, that placement would influence my life in so many very important ways!

I became a teacher because of Miss Morse and the immense impact she had on me as a child and young adult. She was simply an incredibly sensitive  teacher who taught with her heart and soul! Miss Morse became a close family friend and guided me throughout my career. In fact, in 1988, we were both thrilled to be teaching side-by-side in the very same building in which we had first met 13 years before as student and teacher!  Our friendship had come full circle; and if that wasn’t enough- there’s more!

Though I didn’t know it at the time, my future husband, the love of my life,  was also in that 5th grade class! After attending junior and senior high school together, Jeff and I were reacquainted at a dear friend’s wedding. He asked me to dance and we have been dancing together ever since! The year was 1989, 14 years after we were in Miss Morse’s fifth grade class together! We were married on July 20, 1991 and Miss Morse did a beautiful reading at our wedding! She even brought our 5th grade class picture to display! My husband and I still live in Webster, raised our family in Webster, and sent our 3 children to Webster schools!  And, of course, I still teach here in Webster! 

I thank God everyday for our move to Webster, my placement in Joanne Morse’s 5th grade class, and for meeting my soulmate back in 1975 in that very classroom!

Leslie Jones

Literacy Specialist Teacher

Klem South Elementary

There are several people I need to thank, beyond Leslie, for participating in the creation of this story. Holy Trinity in Webster, NY allowed me the use of one of their classrooms to create that 70s era feel, Leslie's husband Jeff, teacher extraordinaire Joanne Morse, the six students (as well as their parents) who were terrific actors and my daughter Emma for her personal assistance!

Linda Hayes

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