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Wednesday, March 06, 2019
By Hayes Photography
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The next post about my personal project, We All Have a Story, features retired teacher Jim Guderian

It was a delight to sit-down with Jim and talk about his life from growing up in Buffalo, playing hockey, skiing and singing in the choir to his involvement as an educator that spanned 38 years.  No doubt there are plenty of Webster residents familiar with his face as a teacher at Dewitt Road, Klem Road South and finally at Schlegel Road Elementary where he finished up his teaching career.  Not one to enjoy retirement, he worked for Kittelberger Florist and moved on to the Webster Central School District Buildings and Grounds crew.  His love of music and singing never waned and he's often found rehearsing at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Webster singing in the choir. 

In his words: 

Music has always been an important tenet in my life. I've been singing my whole life long, mostly in grade school, high school, and college choruses. I took voice lessons for awhile when my voice matured and did a bit of solo work, including weddings and even a few funerals (ugh!). I also had the pleasure to sing in a couple of opera choruses while at Buffalo State that solidified my interest in classical music.

After arriving in Webster in the early '60s, I joined the Rochester Oratorio Society and more recently, the Finger Lakes Festival Chorus.  I’ve also been most of the tenor section for Immanuel Lutheran Church (with another woman who sings tenor) for several years now. I wake up in the morning and there is a tune in my head.  I hear something and it plays again and again. On my hikes, a simple musical phrase repeats itself over and over and over. I thought EVERYBODY "heard" these tunes, so I began asking around. They don't!  Am I unique? I don't think so. Does it embarrass me? Not a bit! In fact, I embrace it, as I’m in my ‘80s and still making music, something I never would have believed! Aren't I lucky?

Jim Guderian

Retired Teacher

Buildings and Grounds


I want to thank Jim and the Immanuel Lutheran Church choir in Webster for allowing me to photograph during their rehearsal last winter.  If you'd like more information about this project click here and feel free to view additional stories through other blog posts. 

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Thursday, September 27, 2018
By Hayes Photography
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Joy in teaching...and in life.  That's the phrase I would use to sum up Jane. 

She literally radiated joy from the moment she stepped into my studio. As Jane talked about her history, I was blown away by her positivity even during the challenging times in her life. It's humbling to talk to someone who's been working in their field for 37 years (17 in Webster and 20 in Cape Cod, MA).  I quickly got the feeling that she LOVES working with students in music and that she wouldn't be doing anything else even if she could. 

In her words:

My story began during the 1960s in Vermont. I was a young girl who was already dreaming of becoming an educator. When I started playing the violin at age 11, I knew exactly what I was meant to teach!

My ultimate hope is to share the thrill of music with my students. I strive to do that with patience, love, humor, and joy. For more than 35 years, I have been incredibly fortunate to collect an amazing amount of cherished memories while making music with children who continue to make such a difference in my life."


Jane Morale

Music Teacher

Spry Middle School

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