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Wednesday, May 29, 2019
By Hayes Photography
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Meet Nathan, a senior at Webster Thomas High School.  Now, I thought I'd been to most locations in the Webster area for senior portraits, but this young man introduced me to one I hadn't been to, Four Mile Creek Preserve. Perfect!

Nathan loves being outside and the trail that winds through this section of town really was an awesome spot for his portraits.  With a barn next door, fall colors (something that he really was hoping for) and a beautiful day, we couldn't miss with this senior session.

I so enjoyed getting to know Nathan better (yep another student I've known for a while :) and sharing some laughs with mom as well.  Every spot we chose in this one location gave us unique backdrops for some really great images. Nathan did a nice job! He was patient and thoughtful and I was so pleased with the results of our efforts.

Creating a fun, memorable senior experience they won't forget is something I provide for each session.  Clients love the option of combining multiple images for their wall art and I love providing them with truly beautiful pieces.  

Nathan, I wish you all the best with these last few weeks of your senior year and happiness in whatever you choose to do in your future. Thank you for choosing Hayes Photography!!!


Monday, December 31, 2018
By Hayes Photography
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I have been so lucky as an educator in the Webster Central School District because I've gotten to know some really wonderful students and Jarret is definitely one of them.  The day he walked into a 6th grade class I was subbing for, I knew he was something special!

Fast-forward six years and now he's a senior and incredibly involved and hyper-focused in the sailing world.  Jarret has been a member of the Rochester Yacht Club since he was five. He went through the high school sailing program and now teaches young sailors, participates on the race team and captains the big boats.

When I sat down to talk with Jarret and his parents about his senior pictures and location came up, the answer was obvious, the yacht club.  It really did make a nice place for portraits because it allowed for the greenery of a park, the water (east side of the Genesee River) interests and the architecture of several buildings.  What made it even better was that both parents came to the session allowing for a really nice family memory.

I was thrilled that the whole family loved the images. Not only did they choose gifts for family, but they also chose some large portraits to grace the walls of their home that capture the spirit of this terrific young man and his love of sailing.

I wish nothing but the best for Jarret for the rest of his senior year and beyond.  Thank you to both Lisa and Chris and especially Jarret for choosing Hayes Photography!!!

Make sure to leave a comment to Jarret and his parents!

Jarrett Monroe

Webster Thomas High School Class of 2019 graduate is a sailor and an all-around great guy!