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Thursday, May 28, 2020
By Hayes Photography
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Balance in Our Time


The system is broken; we need to change. Develop, innovate, multitask, push forward because we are being left behind. Other countries will overtake us and we will be in a vulnerable position.  Work longer hours, do more homework, join more activities, be part of social learning networks, and respond to all information immediately. Our system is failing our kids and our society. These are the messages that we play over and over in our heads as educators, parents, and ultimately pass along to our kids.

Our present reality is that we live in a world of increasing accelerations. The pace of change, coupled with world events, can produce anxiety leading to confusion, frustration, and a sense of being overwhelmed. My roles as a school counselor, assistant principal, and current director of technology have uniquely afforded me opportunities to view these changes over time in our community. The rapid changes have, at times, been personally overwhelming to me.

In my life, finding a sense of balance and peace often starts with my family and nature. The human and natural sides of life are the leverage pieces that help focus my priorities and bring me back into balance. Introspection and intentional thoughts can shine a light on important issues related to being a better husband, father, and person. The cultural barrage of increasing accelerations, troubling news, and pace of life can have an adverse effect on any of us. I try to remind myself to slow down, remember the important aspects of life, and hopefully live a good life. 

 Maybe when the day is overwhelming or you find yourself spiraling, you can pause, slow down, and remember the important things that will bring you balance too! We are all striving to find a sense of peace and harmony. My personal balance is the four people in my family and the Adirondack Mountains. Go find yours!

Joe Montemaro

Director of Technology

Webster Central School District

I want to thank, not only Joe, but his entire family for allowing me to photograph them at their home. Joe and I met early on over coffee, discussing the story and coming up with various visual concepts. Ultimately, we decided on this one and I believe, as does Joe, that it works to convey his message. 

Thanks for visiting the blog and feel free to leave Joe a comment!