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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
By Hayes Photography
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Join me in congratulating Ryan Knotowicz Class of 2020 senior from Wayne Central High School! Mom informed me that he received an Advanced Regions Diploma and finished up on the honor roll. Throughout the spring semester of quarantining, this young man kept up a positive attitude and completed his senior journey. Now he's heading off to SUNY Polytechnic Institute to study Mechanical Engineering Technology. Phew! Way over my head!! Awesome job Ryan!

Ryan and his mom chose the Classic Session which allows for an hour on my wooded property. Hunting is one of his favorite things to do so we also incorporated some dramatic lighting in the woods for him to display his bow technique. I'm able to take advantage of some structures around my home to give a different feel beyond the "park-like" images too.

Quiet, but confident, Ryan did a terrific job. I know he'll be successful in all he chooses to do and I wish him the very best. I want to thank he and his mom for choosing Hayes Photography for their senior portrait needs.


Monday, June 15, 2020
By Hayes Photography
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Happiness is found, for me, in small things.  I love bird-watching and being in nature, enjoying a meal out, spending time with family.  For many years, none of these activities were possible.  In my early twenties, I had my doctors (plural) on speed dial, constantly on different medications that wrecked my body. Until my diagnosis, I had never heard of Ulcerative Colitis.  It affects people in varying degrees, some barely show symptoms, but I had it severely.  I spent much of my time at home, not feeling well and afraid to go out.  I didn’t feel - or at times look - like me. 

I am healthy and happy once again.  The little daily human things put a smile on my face.   

I am grateful.


Kelly Stevens

Art Teacher

State Road Elementary

I want to thank Kelly for sharing her story, allowing me into her life. She's a wonderful person.

Make sure to leave her a comment.