We All Have a Story, Kelly Stevens; Rochester, NY Portrait Project
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Monday, June 15, 2020
By Hayes Photography
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Happiness is found, for me, in small things.  I love bird-watching and being in nature, enjoying a meal out, spending time with family.  For many years, none of these activities were possible.  In my early twenties, I had my doctors (plural) on speed dial, constantly on different medications that wrecked my body. Until my diagnosis, I had never heard of Ulcerative Colitis.  It affects people in varying degrees, some barely show symptoms, but I had it severely.  I spent much of my time at home, not feeling well and afraid to go out.  I didn’t feel - or at times look - like me. 

I am healthy and happy once again.  The little daily human things put a smile on my face.   

I am grateful.


Kelly Stevens

Art Teacher

State Road Elementary

I want to thank Kelly for sharing her story, allowing me into her life. She's a wonderful person.

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